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Pet Grooming Software Pricing & Benefits

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Pawfinity Business Management
Pawfinity is pet grooming business management software. Pawfinity software will help your salon or mobile pet grooming business earn more money, control expenses, and prepare for organized, rapid expansion! If you own a pet grooming, boarding, kennel, doggie daycare, or other pet service business of any size, you need this system to get the most out of your business.

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  • Flat-rate monthly fee
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We have nothing to hide and believe in keeping pricing simple and transparent. Our pricing is flat-rate and will never rise based on the number of appointment calendars, employee profiles, or clients you have in your growing business.

Improve Efficiency, Increase Productivity

Best-practices identify a strong need for quickly accessible client information, detailed client records, organization of data, and a well-trained staff capable of both producing and utilizing these practices. Pawfinity pet service business software provides the environment and tools to achieve exceptional efficiency in your grooming, kennel, doggie daycare, boarding, or dog walking business.

Web Based, Cloud Pet Service Software

Access your important business data from anywhere and from nearly any modern device capable of connecting to the internet. Feel like taking the day off but want to know what is happening with your pet business? No problem! Access your business data from your smartphone or home computer.

Painless Transition With Free Data Import

Pawfinity makes moving between pet business software simple with our FREE data import. Bring us your client and pet lists in CSV, JSON, or even regular spreadsheet files (MS Excel, ect) and we’ll let you know if import is an option for you.

A Perfect Fit for Grooming Salons

We understand the expanded service potential of a store type grooming salon business and developed a solution which allows you the structure of a purpose-built system as well as the flexibility to express your creative genius in the design and workflow of your individual business.

Mobile Grooming Is Our Specialty

Mobile grooming is a completely different animal from a standard grooming salon, and we understand the unique experiences mobile groomers face in their business. Online bill pay, mapping, intuitive mobile design, and lightweight pages help keep busy mobile groomers on the move!

No software to download, update, or install

No more worries about having the technical ability to install software on today’s increasingly complex computer systems. We handle the technical aspects of your software, allowing you to focus on your core business – which isn’t wrestling with technology.

Industry Leading Infrastructure

Pawfinity utilizes a dynamic infrastructure of servers residing on cutting edge, high performance networks built specifically to guarantee your business information is available to you 24/7. No one else even comes close.

Automated Data Backups

We’ve heard many stories of groomers using PC-based software or native apps and losing everything to fire, lightning strikes, and theft. No worries, your business data is securely stored in two separate locations.

Fast Software For Pet Service Business

Spend time doing the important things, not digging through mounds of clip cards or searching for word doc files scattered throughout your computer. Let us handle creating tools to help break the speed barrier like a greyhound chasing that little rabbit thingy.

Make Retirement A Real Option

Your grooming business is successful and providing an excellent living for you and your family.. but what will you be doing in 5, 10, 15 years? Pawfinity gives you the tools to slowly work yourself out of your business, allowing new management to run the show while you collect dividends from your beach chair.

Ease The transition between Pet Professionals

Like many technical trades, grooming is both a learned skill and an art. Thankfully for us, there is a standard process that can be followed similarly by most any grooming professional to allow for repeatable work time after time. Pawfinity helps ease the transition between pet professionals by logically organizing service history, notes, and photos in one clean interface.