Pawfinity Integrated Payment Processing

Integrated Payment Processing

Streamline your workflow and improve your client experience with integrated processing

Integrated Payment Processing

Integrated payment processing is available and works to provide a seamless transaction experience in our point of sale system. Competitive rates and painless application process make this a must-have extension on your account.

Stored Payments

Once you've activated payment processing, you are able to take advantage of the stored payment feature in Pawfinity. Learn more about Stored Payments

Online Bill Pay

Activating payment processing enables our online bill pay feature, allowing clients to pay invoices from the convenience of their own computer. Online bill pay is a very exciting feature which allows you to generate invoices for clients which will be notified via email or SMS automatically.

Once the client receives the notification, they simply click over to the web pay form on your Pawfinity company web page, enter their card information, and pay you instantly! Mobile groomers will find this feature highly useful since it allows you to create an invoice at the beginning of the process, send an invoice, and get paid instantly - all without the need to carry around POS hardware such as card swipes or printers.

Current Processing Rates

Processing rates currently 2.99% + $0.30 per transaction

Flexible Payment Processing Options

Pawfinity POS works seamlessly with our integrated payment processing, however, we offer you the freedom to choose any stand-alone terminal or payment processing system you choose. Our POS is compatible with any external payment processing service, all while retaining the ability to print physical receipts through a high-speed thermal printer.