GDPR Compliant Pet Business Software

GDPR Compliance

We've taken the headache out of GDPR Compliance (EU only).

Simplifying GDPR Compliance

Evaluation of our market peers (other software firms) has uncovered an unnerving truth: the vast majority of pet business software companies are claiming GDPR compliance, but are indeed non-compliant, exposing your business to exceptional risk. Choose Pawfinity, because GDPR is much more than a simple policy regarding the removal of client data.

Pawfinity Can Help

Pawfinity has gone to great lengths to help streamline your EU GDPR compliance efforts with our GDPR Center, intense encryption practices for data both in transit and at rest, and our detailed data and privacy policies. Rest assured in knowing we've taken care of the technical bits involved with GDPR compliance, to help alleviate any stress you may have with the details outside your direct control.

Pet pros using Pawfinity to manage their grooming salon, mobile grooming business, kennel, or dog daycare facility have access to our GDPR Center, which offers your policy builder tool, reports to help make compliance a breeze, and links to helpful resources to ensure you have the information needed to conquer this confusing regulation.

Common Misconceptions

A common misconception is that GDPR applies to all businesses, however, this is not true. You are only required to comply with GDPR if you store data for citizens of the European Union. As an example, a grooming shop in the USA or Canada has no need to create special data policies or be concerned with these regulations. This is another reason why it is important to partner with a software company that understands the details involved with legislation concerning your business. Because hey - no one likes getting bad info... het hem... we're speaking of you (insert other software company name here).

Secure Document Storage

Pawfinity also offers Secure Document Storage to help maintain your compliance with uploaded documents.

Who Needs GDPR Compliant Pet Software?

If your business operates in an EU controlled region, you NEED Pawfinity to help ensure everything is sorted properly.