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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to add my entire client list one at a time?

A. NO. Although you have the ability to add clients manually from your business dashboard, we suggest Pawfinity businesses use their customized online client application (free with every account) to allow their clients to add themselves to your client list. This application will allow you to get updated information for the client and their pets, and relieves you of all manual client entry. Simply send a bulk email to your entire client mailing list with a link to your application and watch as your client list fills itself! read more

Q. What kind of computer need to use this system?

A. The Pawfinity system lives online, so you can use any device that uses a modern HTML5 compatible web browser and a connection to the internet to access your account. Desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones can easily run the program. This includes computers (PC & Mac) using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and MS Internet Explorer 9 or greater. Older versions of Internet Explorer will be able to use the system but have been expired for many years and are not recommended due to security issues and severe limitations in the browser itself. read more

Q. Where do i go to download the smartphone app for Pawfinity?

A. Smartphone apps are not needed. Pawfinity was designed from the ground up to be extremely flexible. This means the program actually changes depending on the type of device you are using, whether it be a full size desktop with a 22 inch monitor or a smartphone that fits in your pocket. We take great pride in this because it allows us to offer you the exact same experience on every device.

Q. Why do i have a browser warning at the top of the screen?

A. If you see an internet browser warning at the top of your screen, you are currently using a version of Microsoft Internet Explorer that is expired and has severe security issues and limitations. Please click the link in the warning to upgrade your version of IE.

Q. Does it cost more when i add employees or if i have a certain number of clients?

A. NO. Pawfinity releases you from the strict restrictions found in most other grooming business management systems, and there are absolutely no limitations on business user accounts (employees), clients, or pets.

Q. I own a grooming salon, can i schedule more than one appointment at a time?

A. YES. Pawfinity supports flexible scheduling to allow you to run your grooming business the way you want. We currently allow up to 6 concurrent appointments to be scheduled. This means you can schedule up to 6 appointments at 9:00, then 6 more at 10:00 or whatever else you’d like to do with your schedule.

Whats more, your grooming salon business can take advantage of the multi-schedule feature free with every Pawfinity account. Using this, each groomer in your salon gets their own assignable schedule, further expanding your business’s capabilities. Picture this: You have a business with 4 groomers, each utilizing their own schedule. With Pawfinity, you will be able to schedule up to 24 total clients at each drop-off point in your day.. now THAT’S what we call flexibility!

Q. Do you offer FREE support?

A. YES. Pawfinity clients can take advantage of the built-in support center, free with every account. Support tickets are simple to create and support history will be stored permanently in your dashboard for future reference. Be leery of systems that use social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter) or email to handle support requests. It’s just not… well.. professional.

Q. Can you import my client and pet information?

A. YES. Client and pet information can be imported. Visit the data import page for more information.

Q. Are there tax advantages using this system?

A. That all depends on your locality. We aren’t accountants, but we’re pretty sure our monthly fee is an expenseable business cost. Contact your accountant to see if you can deduct the entire monthly fee from your annual business revenue. If so, you’ll be using our system practically for free!