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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not super tech savvy, is it hard to learn Pawfinity?
I'm currently using clip cards. How difficult is the transition?
Can you import my client and pet info?
Do you have an app for my phone and tablet?
How long does it take to get setup?
Is there a setup or startup fee?
Do you offer support? How and when is support available?
My current software is always crashing or offline. What is your uptime history?
My current software is painfully slow. Is that just how cloud software works?
My current software has a makeshift invoice-type "POS", but I was hoping for a true Point Of Sale solution. How good is your POS?
Do you offer payment processing?
Are there any extra / hidden fees with Pawfinity?
Does it cost more for extra logins?
How do you secure our data against theft or loss?
What kind of computer and internet connection is required to run Pawfinity?