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Pet Grooming Software Features

The Top Rated Pet Service Software 2015 – 2016

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Flexible appointment scheduling

Our configurable calendars allow you to schedule appointments how you want, without restrictions. New appointments can be created in as little as 30 seconds with every stitch of information you’ll need next time

Online Booking & New Client Application – Gain New Leads 24/7

Just imagine waking up to new clients requesting appointments every morning… ahh, modern technology! Our new client application and online booking request tools work in harmony to allow new and existing clients to provide information and request appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Inventory Management

Pet businesses of all shapes and sizes such as retail pet stores, grooming businesses selling limited products to their clients, kennels selling toys, and others will be able to take advantage of our flexible inventory system.

Full-Featured Retail Point Of Sale

Pawfinity offers a full-featured retail POS with full hardware support for equipment such as thermal printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, as well as credit card swipe. POS features include inventory management, promotion capabilities, integrated payment processing and much more. Un-clutter your life by integrating your business solutions to a single streamlined package.

Integrated Payment Processing

Integrated payment processing is available to provide a seamless transaction experience in our point of sale system. Competitive rates and painless application process make this a must-have extension on your account. Activating payment processing enables our online bill pay feature, allowing clients to pay invoices from the convenience of their own computer.

Detailed Client Profiles

Rich client and pet profiles provide quick access to your important client data. Photos and service notes help create valuable records for reliable future service.

Virtually Limitless Flexibility

Experience virtually limitless flexibility with endless configurations of unlimited appointment calendars, employee profiles, clients, pets, notes, and much more!

Dynamic 2-Way Automated SMS & Email Notifications

Pawfinity offers dynamic 2-way SMS notifications (text messages) working in concert with rich email notifications for appointment confirmations, reminders, and distribution of receipts and invoices. Notifications are sent automatically based on client and company preferences.

Multiple Platform Support

An amazingly flexible web based grooming business management software (also called cloud software) capable of running on every device using a modern web browser. Gain access to your complete account from nearly any modern device capable of connecting to the internet.

Pricing Your Way

Countless hours were invested in identifying numerous price models within our industry which has helped shape our flexible price model design that will allow you the creative freedom to design any price model you can imagine. No longer will you be forced to change your business to fit the restrictions of a software system.

Advanced Recurring Appointments

Pawfinity offers simple deployment of recurring appointments on highly flexible repeating schedules. Need to schedule a client every 6 weeks for the next 4 appointments? Pawfinity handles all the heavy lifting, speeding the process and improving the client experience.

Free updates forever

Pawfinity clients enjoy free updates for the lifetime of their membership without the worry of downloads or other complicated system setups. Simply signup and let us handle all the technical bits!

Responsive Tech Support

Fast & responsive tech support is built right into the Pawfinity dashboard, while detailed training videos are available 24 hours a day to help guide you along as you learn new aspects of our pet service software.

Flat Rate Pricing Of Only $40USD/ Month!

Experience true flat-rate pricing with no upgrade packages to buy, no hidden fees, no price increases based on the number of clients, additional users, or any other price-hiking scheme our competitors may devise.

More Features

Bank-Grade Security

Pawfinity utilizes secure communications within the business management system. Leveraging industry leading 256bit SSL encryption, you can be sure your business and client data is held and transferred over a secure network.

Training Videos

Our free tutorial video series will walk you through each process of maximizing your business using Pawfinity! When combined with our responsive support team, grooming professionals using this system will be experts in no time.

Cash Rounding

Countries such as Canada and Australia will take advantage of automatic cash rounding, available for businesses in these countries and others requiring the rounding of change when making cash sales. Clients will find our automated, intelligent cash rounding to be a tremendous help in every day transactions.

Ditch the clip cards

Make your ripped, worn, stapled, stacked, and tattered clip cards a thing of the past. No longer will you need to squeeze short-hand grooming notes into the margins of a full clip card or begin a new card. Client and pet information is stored in 100% detail, forever.

Employee management

Each employee is given their own login credentials to keep your critical business data secure. Each employee level (manager, assistant manager, groomer, ect) is given default access limits. You can choose to add or revoke access for each employee to fine tune permissions across your team.

Expense management

Track employee, company, and fleet expenses and save the reports forever. Use these expense reports to ensure the maximum tax deduction this year! Controlling expenses is an excellent way to increase profits!

Lightweight & Mobile Friendly

Performance is paramount, regardless of the device or data network you have available while using our system. Lightweight pages ensure top performance over mobile data networks and intelligent design keeps most page sizes near 6KB, ensuring you are optimizing your data plan and staying well below service limits.

Custom QR Codes

You’ve seen these funny square bar codes everywhere, and Pawfinity businesses have access to their own custom QR code. You can use the QR code on ANY type of print advertising, including your business cards. Prospective clients will then be able to scan the bar code and do directly to your integrated company page.

Fleet Management

Mobile groomers will enjoy the fleet management capabilities built into the Pawfinity system. Track vehicle mileage, in-service dates, assign a specific employee to a particular grooming vehicle, make notes for vehicle maintenance, record vehicle services and dates, and much more all from one easy to use system.

Company Tools

Upload business licenses to your account to keep them safe and available to every employee.

Made in the USA

We are proud to say Pawfinity is 100% built, serviced, and maintained in the USA. Rest assured, when you contact our support staff, you will be put in touch with a native English speaking representative that will be able to help you resolve issues quickly.


Access sales, expense, and client reports to help you better manage your business.