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Running a kennel is no walk in the park (excuse the pun). Pawfinity has the features you need to handle the high-volume and fast paced environment found in pet kennels worldwide. Dynamic scheduling, medication tracking, express check in / out, feeding schedules, guest interactions, and more are all wrapped up in a well-designed kennel software. With a uniform experience across all devices, Pawfinity has been optimized for exceptional performance on Windows PC, Mac (including Macbook), iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, and android tablets and phones. Build your castle in the cloud, Pawfinity.

The top rated kennel software 2015 – 2017

Start your free trial today to see why more pet professionals choose Pawfinity as their kennel software. Unlock the full potential of your pet grooming, pet boarding, kennel, or pet supply store with our revolutionary pet service business software!

Flexible reservation scheduling

Our configurable kennel runs allow you to book guest reservations how you want, without restrictions. Reservations can be created in as little as 30 seconds with every stitch of information you’ll need for your special guest’s next stay. Pawfinity is the kennel software you need to take charge or your pack.

Online booking & new client application – Gain new leads 24/7

Just imagine waking up to new reservation bookings every morning… ahh, modern technology! Our new client application and online reservation booking tools work in harmony to allow new and existing clients to book reservations instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Inventory management

Pet boarding kennel businesses of all shapes and sizes making extra profits by selling products such as shampoos, pet apparel, toys, ect will be able to take advantage of the flexible inventory system built in to Pawfinity.

Full-featured retail point of sale

Our kennel software offers a full-featured retail POS with full hardware support for equipment such as thermal printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, as well as credit card swipe. POS features include inventory management, promotion capabilities, integrated payment processing and much more. Un-clutter your life by integrating your business solutions to a single streamlined package.

Integrated payment processing

Our kennel software contains integrated payment processing, which creates a seamless transaction experience with our point of sale system. Competitive rates and painless application process make this a must-have extension on your account. Activating payment processing enables our online bill pay feature, allowing clients to pay invoices from the convenience of their own computer.

Stored Payments

Stored payments are an incredibly helpful feature which allows businesses to save client credit cards for future charges. Benefits include: enhanced efficiency, reduced payment turnaround times for guest services such as daycare (by eliminating reliance on invoicing), as well as fostering a more fluid overall client experience.

Detailed client profiles

Rich client and pet profiles provide quick access to your important client data. Pet boarding kennel operators require a kennel software which allows them to store sensitive data such as medication requirements, feeding schedules, and even medical condition flags. Pawfinity kennel software handles client info storage with ease.

Pet Owner Dashboard

The Pawfinity pet owner dashboard provides a direct channel of communication between your pet pros and the clients you service. Clients are met with a clean, simple to navigate interface, promoting an easy and enjoyable experience where they can view service history and update information.

Virtually limitless flexibility

Experience virtually limitless flexibility with endless configurations of unlimited kennels / runs, employee profiles, clients, pets, notes, and much more with our kennel software!

Dynamic 2-way automated SMS & email notifications

Pawfinity kennel software offers dynamic 2-way SMS notifications (text messages) working in concert with rich email notifications for reservation confirmations, reminders, and distribution of receipts and invoices. Notifications are sent automatically based on client and company preferences. Dynamic SMS even includes Emoji Support! 😍

Multiple platform support

Pawfinity kennel software is an amazingly flexible web based service (also called cloud software) capable of running on every device using a modern web browser. Gain access to your complete account from nearly any modern device capable of connecting to the internet.

Pricing your way

Countless hours were invested in identifying numerous price models within our industry which has helped shape our flexible price model design that will allow you the creative freedom to design any price model you can imagine. No longer will you be forced to change your business to fit the restrictions of other kennel software services.

Free updates forever

Pawfinity clients enjoy free updates for the lifetime of their kennel software membership without the worry of downloads or other complicated system setups. Simply signup and let us handle all the technical bits!

Flat rate pricing of only $40USD/ Month!

Experience true flat-rate pricing with no upgrade packages to buy, no hidden fees, no price increases based on the number of clients, additional users, or any other price-hiking scheme our competitors may devise.