DTC Marketing By Pawfinity - Tailored for pet service business

DTC Marketing

The most advanced marketing platform for pet service business

DTC Marketing By Pawfinity

Version 6.1 introduces our revolutionary DTC (direct to client) Marketing system. The marketing unicorn has officially strutted into town. DTC marketing allows you to achieve 100% delivery of your painstakingly created marketing materials to all subscribed clients. Pawfinity can deliver your marketing to any modern device and on multiple platforms simultaneously, including mobile, desktop, and laptop devices. No other marketing platform for the pet service industry can do this.

Unparalleled Deliverability

Want more? Your marketing will deliver to any number of registered devices for the target client, meaning you can reach your audience wherever they may be. Work, home, or on the beach - Pawfinity will give them a nice ~bump~ to let them know you're still here.

Audience - Drill-Down and Target Clients By Shared Attributes

Have you ever wanted to send a message or offer specifically to a list of VIP clients? Do you have a new sale or promotion just for dog people, or double coat breeds, or sports team fans? Maybe there's a same day cancellation and you can only fit a small breed into that slot? Create your audience (a targeted group of clients) in a matter of minutes with our simple interface, then save it for future marketing distributions. Create any number of AD copies, audiences, groups, then set a date and time to deploy your marketing.

Schedule Your Marketing Distributions

Pawfinity allows you to schedule your marketing distributions for any time in the future, allowing you to get to work creating engaging marketing content in your free time. Pawfinity takes care of the rest.

Flat-Rate and Zero Throttling

We build our DTC marketing system from scratch specifically for this purpose. This effort allows us to keep costs low, an advantage we're passing on to you. Send as much as you like all for one flat-rate fee.

Sample Uses For DTC Marketing

  • Send last minute appointment openings to clients
  • Notify clients of a special event and include a link to your social media or website
  • Contests
  • Business or pet industry news
  • Sales, specials, promotions
  • Create organized client groups and send targeted marketing to this or any other group (VIP, Cat people, etc)
  • So many more it's impossible to list them all!

SPAM & Filtering

Did you know? Email and SMS / text marketing distributions are often destroyed by overzealous SPAM flagging and content filtering at both the device and at the carrier levels. These obstacles turn your marketing efforts to whispers. In a best case, this filtering causes delivery blocking in text messages and SPAM / Junk folder delivery of email. In a worst case, your email never makes it past the mail provider (gmail, live, yahoo, etc) and the client will never know the message was sent, nor will they have any way to find it (not even in their Junk folder).

We feel the entirety of the control for delivery of communications should be in the hands of the recipient. No one else should be able to interfere with your messages. Pawfinity DTC Marketing puts the power back in the client's hands to receive any content, from any Pet Pro, as often as they want.