Our Story - Pawfinity

Our Story

All founders have a purpose and a vision. This is ours.

We've been there.

Pawfinity is created by passionate people actively involved in the grooming industry, specifically to address the needs of today's groomers and pet professionals. Having personally owned and managed both a high-end grooming salon and mobile grooming business, our founder has a unique outlook and genuine insight into the inner workings and unique needs of pet service businesses.

The Pawfinity system was built using a live business case study of 2 successful grooming businesses. The first took place in a boutique style grooming salon with retail, where numerous grooming salon business needs were identified and analyzed, from which, a solution was created. The requirement for multiple concurrent (simultaneous) appointments showed us the scheduling flexibility that would be needed in a high-volume or multiple groomer salon. The issue became increasingly complicated when considering a multiple location salon business, where client tracking and management quickly became impossible. Pawfinity easily handles multiple concurrent appointments and manages multiple locations and extensive client lists with ease.

The second business model was employed successfully in a mobile grooming business, where we found (albeit unexpectedly) a vastly different array of challenges needing solutions. We have felt the frustrations of scheduling on a Blackberry phone (we're dating ourselves here!), dropping the phone in the tub and losing every business contact and the entire appointment schedule, only to get a new phone that freezes to a white screen the following year – once again losing the complete schedule and client contact list. These events can be catastrophic to both new and existing business. With Pawfinity, your business data is stored in a remote location, completely independent of the computer or device you are using to access it, ensuring your critical business data is safe and secure.

The Pawfinity Concept

The concept behind this revolutionary grooming business management system began back in 2010, a time resembling the dark ages for technology in pet service. The spark for us stemmed from an obvious need for a robust solution specifically tailored to grooming professionals that wouldn't cost you a month's salary to own. As pet service providers, we run unique businesses that are quite frankly nothing like a hair salon, retail business, or most other business types. The system needed to be extremely flexible, fast, reliable, low-cost and available to pet service companies of all sizes, and be built in-house to ensure a high level of quality control. Evaluating the options on the market at the time this idea was born left us with zero attractive solutions. The lack of flexibility, lack of features, or extreme high-cost of other products on the market left us shaking our heads, knowing there was a better and more cost effective solution to track clients and manage your business. The decision was made to create a completely new, proprietary system to become the future must-have for all pet service businesses.

Over 8,000 hours of pet styling frenzy, hard work, and determination lead to the creation of the initial Pawfinity pet grooming business management system concept, which was available to the public in 2013. After all, if you've never had flea shampoo in the eye or coughed up a hair ball while fluff drying, how can we possibly know what today's pet grooming professionals need to run their business.

Our Future

Pawfinity has a bright future ahead as we innovate our way to the hearts of our faithful clients. We hope to be the pioneer firm in pushing technology advancements further and inspiring others to do the same. We take your feedback seriously and system updates have the utmost importance. We owe our success to you, our loyal client base, for helping spread the word about our system and by providing us valuable ideas and innovations helping to keep our system on the cutting edge.

Pawfinity was built, from the ground up, with the innate ability to rapidly prototype, test, and deploy new product updates suggested in part by our clients. This framework allows us an unrivaled ability to quickly get you, our beloved clients, what you need to reach the next level in your business. This upgrade-ability was a core component of our business model from day 1, and will not change in the future, ensuring your business has access to cutting edge of technology year after year.