Pawfinity Rich Client And Pet Profiles

Rich Client & Pet Profiles

Rich client and pet profiles in Pawfinity help organize the details on each individual client

Rich Client And Pet Profiles

Rich client and pet profiles provide quick access to your important client data. Photos and service notes help create valuable records for reliable future service. Pet groomers will appreciate the detailed profiles, which help to pick up where they left off on the last grooming and helps increase client confidence by providing a tool to ensure consistent grooms time after time.

Track grooming and transaction history, pet grooming difficulties and health data, service notes, and enjoy unlimited image storage for each pet.

Find client information is just seconds through our advanced search. Search your client list by client first name, last name (or both), pet name, and more! These advanced search capabilities allow you to fine-tune your search results to only display the client data you are looking for. Moreover, if your client happens to be more hands-on, they can jump into their client dashboard and upload pictures for you.