Pawfinity Employee Time Clock And Payroll

Employee Time Clock & Payroll

Integrating your hourly payroll and commissions tracking reduces hours in the office.

Employee Time Clock & Payroll

Pawfinity features a fully-integrated, proprietary time clock, intended to provide a streamlined and simple to use employee hours tracking system. The time clock is complemented with payroll management features, allowing you to run payroll on any schedule you prefer. Pay employees weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or any other schedule - you decide!

Timecard Features

  • Track clock in / out for each employee
  • Timecard fraud prevention with location and IP address tracking during clock in / out
  • PIN access for easy clock in / out
  • and more!

Payroll Features

  • Hourly, salary, commissioned, and split-pay employee tracking and calculation
  • Commission tracking
  • Payroll report makes it easy to calculate employee earnings, on your schedule
  • and more!