Review Booster - Give Your Grooming Salon, Mobile Grooming, Kennel, or Dog Daycare business a boost where it counts!

Review Booster

Reach your clients where they are. The Pawfinity review booster will help you reach the stars!

Simplifying The Review Process With Review Booster

Our review booster will automatically (or manually) send customized review requests to your clients via email and SMS. Our free-form notification builder allows you to create links to your review site of choice, be it Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, or any other up and coming review site available today. Reach out to your clients to encourage them to share their experience with your service.

Fully Customizable

Your review booster messages are completely free-form (customizable), allowing you to tailor the message to the event, season, or celebration currently taking place in your business. Separate templates for email and SMS allow you to fine-tune your message to the sending method.

Troublesome Client?

We live in the real world, and in the real world things aren't always super peachy when it comes to service business. Due to this, we've included a few flags which allow you to mark clients you'd really rather not hear from, allowing you to avoid the unnecessary business blasting which is all too common in today's digital world.

It'll boost reviews by... some big percent, i'm sure! How about you let US know how it's working for you ;) Reach the stars with Pawfinity!