Pawfinity Subscriptions For Pet Service Business

Subscriptions & Memberships For Pet Business

Subscriptions and Membership programs have never been easier. Flexible, automated, and fully integrated.

Subscriptions & Memberships

Subscriptions are fully automated recurring revenue streams for your business. A well-developed subscription strategy can keep your business revenue stable even through volatile times. Memberships are a close cousin of subscriptions which include the addition of a community aspect to the subscription. If it helps, think of Memberships as subscriptions with community, a place where your clients come together to be a part of something greater than solely the service you provide.

Subscriptions Are Simple With Pawfinity

Actually, "Simple" makes it sound too difficult. Subscriptions are seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our software. Employees can sell subscriptions to clients directly through the same POS used to run retail and service transactions. No additional training, tracking, or maintenance required.

Get Creative, Build Subscriptions & Memberships Tailored To Your Crowd

Pawfinity offers the flexibility to create any subscription type you can imagine. Here are a few quick examples of the flexibility of our revolutionary subscription system, built exclusively for pet service business:

  • Weekly, monthly, and annual payment schedules - Oh yeah!
  • Discounts at different subscription tiers - No problem!
  • Complimentary products or services as the subscription - Absolutely!
  • A combination of both discounts and complimentary items - Simple!
  • Limited-use subscriptions (eg: 10 visits per month) - Yes!
  • Unlimited use subscriptions - Yeah baby!
  • Special promotions (sales) for members - No problem!
  • Time based, scheduled promotions - Yes Ma'am!

Loyalty Program VS Membership

As the landscape of commerce continues to evolve, we're seeing loyalty programs heading toward the wayside. Loyalty programs require clients to slowly build points over time, all the while hoping to collect enough "credits" to eventually redeem on various services or discounts. The process is boring and tedious.

Subscriptions and memberships pull clients into your business as an integral part of a greater community, allowing them to reap the benefits of their membership immediately. Without the need to track and save points, clients feel more engaged, thereby enhancing loyalty organically.

Subscription Ideas

Design your subscription or membership program in any way you'd like. We've collected a few samples to help get the wheels turning:

  • Training - offer monthly training videos (live or recorded) where members can continue to refine their pet's skills. This becomes a perfect platform to up-sell existing clients on new services. Charge a small monthly fee and let the revenue roll in.
  • Grooming - 20% off all supplies and 1 groom per month
  • Retail - 10% off all products with subscription
  • Dog Wash - $50 a month gets you unlimited tub time. Leverage our industry-leading online booking to control the traffic and you're on your way to a wonderful new profit center.
  • Daycare - offer limited services, such as "15 stays per month" for $200, or unlimited subscriptions where the clients can come in any time and on any day you're open. Perhaps this costs $500 per month. Pawfinity will track your client's activity, automatically switching from included services to services which require payment seamlessly, in both online booking and through the POS.
  • So many more, it's impossible to think of them all!

Begin Your Subscription Program Today

Start researching various subscription possibilities to begin leveraging this endlessly valuable tool in your business today. If not using subscriptions, you're losing potential revenue.