Custom Pet Service Reports, Report Cards, Kennel Visit Reports

Custom Pet Service Reports

Pet service reports allow you to express brand creativity and reach clients directly through rich reports

The Most Flexible Service Reports In Pets, Made Simple

Building custom service reports has never been easier. We've worked through all the particulars of creating service reports, allowing you to get back to managing your growing business. Pawfinity service reports are limitless, allowing any number of topics and data formats, including emojis 😲 🙌 🎉, to be used to create the exact client experience your business has been craving. Large, high resolution photos complete the experience to immerse clients in your brand, and include them in their pet's experience*.

Custom Templates

Pawfinity offers our custom service report template builder, a tool which allows you to create any number of service report templates for your various pet services. These templates are then usable by employees to create consistent, professional reports for your clients in just minutes. Create a template from scratch, or expand on one of our pre-built templates, making the creation process that much easier.

Immerse Your Clients

Service reports are automatically sent to clients via SMS or email, allowing clients to keep up with their pet's experience in near real-time. Clients will love the full-size photos* along with your colorful comments about their precious pets.

Common Uses Of Service Reports

Our pet service reports can be created in any format, order, or type, and contain your data in exactly the way you want. Unlimited topics (questions) join seamlessly with unlimited ways to respond. Break free from restrictive "report cards" and into a truly flexible service. Common uses include:

  • Grooming Report Cards
  • Boarding / Kennel Report
  • Daycare Visit Reports
  • Dog Training Evaluations
  • Photo Gallery For Grooming
  • Literally anything you can imagine!

Why Service Reports

Our research has shown that your clients love being involved in their pet's experience. A few conversations with pet pros revealed a shocking fact - nearly all pet service software out there (offering reports) feature creativity restricting forms, which drastically limit your ability to build something tailored to your business.They've also mentioned that the few services currently offering highly customizable forms have processes that are so convoluted and confusing that most pet pros give up before they've been able to make a great report, or even worse, they settle with whatever it is that they are able to patch together.

We set out to create a service report builder that can reach the limits of your imagination in the ways it matters, the ways that help build your business, and nothing else. We feel we've succeeded; we're confident you'll agree.

* Secure document storage is required to include photos in service reports.