Secure Encrypted Document Storage

Secure, Encrypted Document Storage

If you're storing photos or PDFs of client data, you need encrypted document storage

Secure, Encrypted Document Storage

Secure, encrypted document storage on the Pawfinity cloud servers makes storing sensitive documents simple and safe. Cutting-edge AES-256 bit encryption and intense access control ensure your documents can only be accessed by privileged team members, and cannot be accessed from anywhere outside the Pawfinity system. Our secure document storage is currently the only of it's kind in the pet service software segment and the only fully GDPR document storage solution created specifically for pet businesses.

This is a paid service. Find pricing here.

What Can I Store?

We've designed our document storage to be flexible, and to meet the demands of pet pros world wide. Some examples of the types of documents / files you can store are:

  • Photos for service reports
  • Client documents
  • Pet-specific documents
  • Vaccination documents
  • Expense attachments (receipts, invoices, etc)
  • Business licenses

Files For Every Occasion**

Our secure document storage will allow the following file types:

  • Photo files: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP
  • Documents: MS word, Apple pages
  • Spreadsheets: MS excel, Apple numbers
  • PDF
  • More coming soon!

Access Control Plays A Major Role

While overwhelmingly misunderstood by the vast majority of software and pet service providers, the GDPR* data regulations provide a robust framework for the various aspects of data security. One major component of this is called access control. In a nutshell, this means that data about you and your clients should only be made available to those who have a reason to access the data and the authority to view such data. As an example, while your doctor should have access to all the private details regarding your health, your electrician should not, and neither should the general public.

Access to the data also needs to be prevented by sufficient means (eg: encryption, passwords, etc). Additionally, the data should be encrypted so the "bad guys" can't freely read your data as you send it unsuspectingly between computers.

If you'd like to learn more about why this is so important, and the shocking event that inspired us to release this service, have a look at our article on

Permissions Limit Access

Pawfinity offers various permissions with which you are able to grant or revoke each employee's ability to upload, view, download, or delete secure documents. We combine these permissions with system-wide document access limitations to ensure your client's documents are only available to those qualified to view them. Enhanced encryption at rest, encryption in transit, the limited access of documents, and employee-specific permissions all come together to become the truly secure, GDPR* compliant storage solution you've been waiting for.

* GDPR responsibility only applies to businesses holding data on citizens of the European Union, however, the principals of the regulation are thorough and currently outline the highest data security standard in the world. We use this as a baseline for our data security standards.

** Per-document upload size limits apply.