Booking Genius™ By Pawfinity - Mobile Appointment Routing, Mapping, And Optimization

Booking Genius™ Routing and Optimization

The premier active booking solution for routing, mapping, and the targeted scheduling of mobile appointments

Booking Genius™ By Pawfinity

Booking Genius™, the premier active booking solution for mobile groomers, dog trainers, and pet sitters, is a combination of 2 complimentary technologies coming together to offer the industry's first complete mobile appointment booking solution with true intelligence. Forever gone are the days of manually scouring maps (mapping) and color-coded calendars in search of the best day and time to book the next mobile grooming appointment, training session, or pet sitting visit. Booking Genius™ removes the tedious (and sometimes confusing) work of manually routing your mobile appointments with Active Appointment Scheduling and Route Optimization.

Active Appointment Scheduling For Mobile Pet Services

Active scheduling is the process of finding a best-fit appointment slot for your mobile appointments. Booking Genius™ automates this process by exploring your bookings and suggesting the most appropriate appointment availability based on two criteria: date and distance. We understand appointment lengths can vary drastically, especially in mobile grooming. Booking Genius™ considers the time requirement for the appointment while booking to determine the truest best fit, with an emphasis on date and distance priority.

Best fit by distance will find the nearest 3 appointments currently booked on your schedule, allowing you to cluster appointments closely, drastically reducing travel time, time on the road, and enhancing efficiency. Simple and intuitive, the active scheduling process requires only a client, target date range, and an appointment length to run; Booking Genius™ takes care of the rest! Yup, you're right; no more manual mapping! Woop!

When it's time to perfect your already efficient schedule into the best possible route, you will utilize the route optimization / routing stage of the Booking Genius™.

Schedule Enhancement

The included schedule enhancement setting allows you to take the Booking Genius™ to the next level. When activated, real-time employee schedules will be added to the mix of data being used to determine the absolute best fit appointment slots. This feature addresses the needs of high volume multi-van mobile grooming businesses which require complex calculations to determine exactly who is working, which van they're in, and when they'll be available and on the road. Our schedule enhancement makes it easy for nearly anyone to book complex multi-van appointments in seconds, and with pro-grade results.

Routing - Route Optimization Of Mobile Appointments

Route optimization, also simply called routing, is a complex topic in mobile grooming, dog training, and pet sitting. The opportunity to wreak havoc on your schedule is real, and in many cases, your attempts to optimize can actually break the schedule, leading to decreased efficiency, increased travel time, and frustration as you drive right past your 2:30 appointment on the way to your 1:00.

These hurdles kept us brainstorming and working to plan a solution that would allow you to achieve true mobile appointment route optimization. In the end we found that no single tool will really do the job satisfactorily. This realization inspired the routing stage of Booking Genius™, where we combine complex active scheduling with the final route optimization.

Once your schedule is set properly using the active scheduling stage of Booking Genius™, you are truly able to utilize the route optimization tool to perfect the day's appointments. Our proprietary process allows you to choose which calendars (vans, etc) are sent for optimization, review the results of the suggested optimization, and choose to accept or reject the changes. If you choose to accept the changes, your clients will be automatically notified of their updated appointment time.

Mobile Booking Optimization That Actually Works

Booking Genius™ makes it possible for nearly any capable person to book appointments for even the busiest of mobile businesses. The technology you were hoping for is finally available, found here in the Booking Genius™ by Pawfinity - the world's favorite premium pet software. It's never been a better time to be a mobile groomer, trainer, or pet sitter.