Pawfinity Automated 2-Way Dynamic SMS Notifications & Email Notifications

Custom 2-way SMS Notifications & Email

Pawfinity is leading the industry with fully customizable SMS text messaging

Custom 2-Way Dynamic SMS Notifications & Email

Pawfinity offers dynamic 2-way SMS notifications (text messages) working in concert with rich email notifications for appointment confirmations, reminders, and distribution of receipts and invoices. All notifications are sent automatically based on client and company preferences.


  • True 2-Way, full text messaging directly through the software. Your clients can type out full rich message replies.
  • Dedicated SMS phone numbers available (lease required)
  • Fully custom notification templates
  • Retain important targeted notification content with specific client, pet, and appointment information, even with our full-custom option
  • Full emoji support 🐺 🐩
  • International language support
  • Automated, dynamic Prepay SMS, with FREE replies from clients

Fully Customizable SMS Notifications

Our fully customizable SMS template system allows you to craft the perfect notification, tailored specifically to your crowd. You are still able to include specific pet and client names, appointment times, contact info, and more all within a clean and simple interface. Express your brand with full emoji support, even in these custom automated notifications 🎉

Dynamic, custom SMS notifications (text notifications) allow you to connect to your clients the way they want to be contacted. SMS has the inherent bonus of avoiding the overzealous SPAM filters which interfere with the delivery of legitimate email notifications, ensuring much higher rates of successful delivery. Dynamic 2-way SMS allows your clients to reply to your message, creating new conversation. Our easy to use SMS messaging tool allows you to continue the conversation directly within your business dashboard.

With Pawfinity Custom SMS, you pay only for what you use and inbound messages (client replies) are always FREE.

International Language And Full Emoji Support

Pawfinity SMS supports the needs of international languages, offering full support for all world language characters. Also, i'm sure you agree that text messaging in 2024 just wouldn't be complete without emojis. Express yourself as you see fit with full emoji support 😍

Email Notifications

Rich automated email notifications deliver allow you to send a branded message tailored to the client and their precious pets with ease. Clients and pets are addressed by name with appointment or transaction details included in every message.

Use rich dynamic messaging in Pawfinity to connect with your special clients.

SMS pricing information can be found here.