Pawfinity Software has Industry Leading Infrastructure For Pet Service Businesses

Industry leading infrastructure

Pawfinity is one of the only services in our market to reside on a fully private network (that's a big deal)

Proprietary Infrastructure, Exceptional Performance

Pawfinity utilizes a dynamic infrastructure of servers residing on cutting edge, high performance networks built specifically to guarantee your business information is available to you 24/7. Never again will you have to endure slow loading pages, system outages, and frustrating connection error messages common in many other services on the market. This high tech infrastructure helps our fully proprietary software achieve top performance, regardless of traffic volume or most network conditions.

Always Available, Self Healing Software

We understand the importance of having reliable access to your critical business information, because hey, if you can't access your client info, you can't provide top-notch service for their beloved pets! With Pawfinity's SELF HEALING infrastructure, your business data is highly available and not held hostage to crash-happy servers. In the event that one of our servers starts to deteriorate, another server begins it's startup and quickly replaces the unhealthy server. This comes together to ensure the highest availability of data on the market, period. Go ahead, quote us on that!

99.999% Service Uptime History

Let us worry about handling the technical bits, so you can focus on building your unique pet service business. Pawfinity is one of the only services on the market to have achieved a 99.999% uptime history, meaning our server has only been offline in the rarest of occasions and only for a very short time. Take comfort in knowing that you are leaving your precious business data with our team of trusted pet service tech professionals.

Automated Backup & Data Recovery

Your data is held on our secure servers, offering a first tier of protection against device theft, loss, or damage. Some pet service business software companies choose to implement the "pray and play" data storage policy, hoping that there is never a problem with their server - playing a high-stakes game with your data.

Pawfinity utilizes clone servers running in parallel to ensure you achieve a seamless experience, despite network or server conditions. This means that in the event of a catastrophe, our clone servers share the workload to provide near seamless access to your information. Additionally, if an entire data center decides to call it quits, our intelligent network re-routes itself to an appropriate clone server in a different data center, keeping your business running smoothly. This setup is significantly more responsive than the standard backup recovery plans, employed by most of our market peers, which may involve hours or even days of downtime while your software provider builds and deploys a new server system. As an extra precaution and a final line of preparation, we've also thrown in a data backup that runs every 24 hours. Learn more about Automated Data Backup.

Wondering if this is all just "sales hype"? Have a look at our Head to Head comparison with other market peers to see how Pawfinity stacks up against (or rather knocks down) the competition in The Showdown.