Pawfinity Automated Data Backups

Automated data backups

Rest assured that your data is backed up every 24 hours to eliminate data loss worry

Data Backups every 24 hours

Pawfinity is a web application, meaning it is stored and runs on extremely powerful private network of computers separate from your own. Since Pawfinity exists on our remote servers and not your phone, laptop, or desktop, you will never have to worry yourself with storing local backups or developing complex recovery plans in the case of equipment failure, theft, water damage, or fire - which can easily lead to a total loss situation of your critical business data and customer data.

Your data is stored in (at least) duplicate on these remote servers. In the event that one of our servers suffer from a failure of any kind, your requests will immediately transfer to another healthy server on our private network, giving you a near seamless experience. This means that it is not likely for us to ever resort to restoring an old backup to get your data back, because it will never be lost or unavailable in the first place!

You're protected even if you drop your smartphone in the tub while bathing a soaked giant schnauzer, rendering the phone completely ruined. Just turn on your laptop, sign in to your Pawfinity account, and resume your day's work without missing a beat... well, you will still need to buy a new phone, but we can't really help you there.