Pawfinity Mapping For Mobile Grooming

Advance Mapping For Mobile

Pawfinity contains advanced mapping tools to help improve efficiency and reduce travel time in your mobile business.

Mapping For Mobile Pet Pros

Active Mapping For Mobile Grooming

Our advanced mapping features were created solely to help improve the efficiency of our mobile groomers and pet pros. Active mapping is an incredibly powerful tool which allows you to strategically schedule appointments to optimize travel efficiency during your day. Capabilities include:

  • An integrated map in the main appointment calendar
  • Live mapping while booking shows all appointments for the current calendar view to help keep your appointments closer together with less work.
  • Color coded map markers match the colors for your calendars and help keep the look and feel of the maps consistent with your account preferences.

Client Radar

The "client radar" allows you to see clients near your current location, along with their future appointment status. This handy tool has a wide range of uses, including:

  • Locate inactive clients as you travel to appointments. Give them a call and book appointments!
  • In the event of a cancellation, locate clients nearby still needing future appointments and try to fit them in
  • Use your imagination!

Pawfinity has the tools mobile groomers need. Mapping for mobile grooming will help to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and decrease workloads.