Pawfinity Online Booking For Pet Service Business

The Best Online Booking For Pet Business

Gain the Pawfinity Advantage™ by leveraging the most advanced online booking system on the planet for pet business.

Advanced Online Booking

In January 2022, Pawfinity released the most revolutionary online booking system on the planet. Starting from scratch, we discarded all notions for what online booking was, and embarked on a journey to deliver the online booking experience your clients wanted but never truly seemed to get.

Book Anything, Any Way You Prefer

Pawfinity delivers an online booking system capable of booking nearly anything in any manner you see fit. Salon groomers, mobile groomers, trainers, nail technicians, self-serve dog wash, and all other business types are finally able to tailor their online booking system to handle the specific nuances of their unique pet service business.

A few samples include:

  • Appointment requests for some services, and actual booking for others - YES!
  • Mobile grooming, salon grooming, and training all in the same business, each with their own schedules and criteria for booking - YES!
  • Enhanced mobile grooming booking with automated location and route management - YES!
  • Only service large pets on a certain day - YES!
  • Cats only on Tuesdays - YES!
  • One large pet per day, but also a bunch of medium to small ones - YES!
  • One on one grooming - YES!
  • Mass drop offs in the morning or staggered throughout the day, at any time you wish - YES!
  • Deposits, but possibly only on certain services - YES!
  • Prepaid services mixed with deposits and other services which don't require payments - YES!
  • Services dedicated to new or existing clients only - YES!
  • Services exclusive to only a select group of clients - YES!
  • Training exclusive to only a select group of clients - YES!
  • So many more, it's impossible to list them all!

See It All, Without The Hassle

The Pawfinity Online Booking system is powerful enough to deliver an entire month of appointment availability to your clients in under a second. This means clients visit your online booking system, browse all of your available services, select one or many, set the time, then book. The Pawfinity visitor is done in just minutes. Simple.

Improve Conversions With Our Clean, Beautiful, & Fluid Interface

Our online booking system removes the "no" from the client experience by showing visitors everything available from your business, then allowing them to drill down to exactly what they want. In removing "no", we encourage visitors to shop your services and find things to book, including services they may not know you offer, such as teeth cleaning or training. This approach improves conversion rates and greatly enhances the visitor experience. The flow of the booking system seamlessly funnels clients toward the checkout and final booking page, ensuring no one gets lost along the way.

Drill Down With Search & Filters

Visitors can quickly cut through the list of services to find exactly what it is they are looking for using search and filters, directly in the booking system.

Increase Dollar Per Transaction with Add-ons

Customize services into packages and include suggested add-ons to increase your DPT averages and generate more revenue, while improving the quality of the client's service appointment.

Deposits & Payments

Take deposits or payments in full directly through the online booking system on some or all services, fully configurable through your Pawfinity dashboard.

Fully Integrated Online Booking

The first and only of it's kind, our integration is so seamless, it is nearly impossible to distinguish your website from our booking system. No more awkward integrations. No more multiple scroll bars and squished up booking page. Just a high-scale, seamlessly integrated online booking system.

Subscriptions & Memberships

Clients can seamlessly redeem subscriptions through the booking system, allowing them to book services with ease. Subscriptions will be reviewed and applied automatically through the booking system, requiring zero work for your loyal clients.

Automated Waiver Management

Client waivers / agreements are automatically updated through the online booking flow, allowing you to focus on running your business instead of chasing clients for signatures to your updated policies.