Pawfinity Flat Rate Pricing

True Flat-Rate Pricing

Select the pricing tier that covers all of your services.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Experience true flat rate pricing with no upgrade packages to buy, no hidden fees, no price increases based on the number of clients, additional users, or any other price-hiking scheme our competitors may devise. Select the service tier that best-fits your business and pay only that. No sign up, start up, support, or other fees involved.

We offer a single add-on service for SMS notifications, which is pay as you go. You pay only for the messages sent. Learn more about our Dynamic 2-way SMS. Adding this service does not directly impact your flat-rate base subscription charge.

Pawfinity was designed with the average pet grooming business in mind and keeping up with the big dogs has never been easier. Our dream: enterprise class business tools available to every Pawfinity client for the same low monthly rate. We want to see your pet service business achieve its highest potential, and we believe we can help you get there. In fact, it's our sole purpose.