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Our free pet registry allows pet pros and pet parents alike to create custom ID barcodes for tracking

Free Pet Registry

Pawfinity Pet Registry

The Pawfinity Pet Registry gives pet owners the ability to generate and print FREE ID tags for their pets. These ID tags can be placed on a collar, adhered to a standard dog tag, in a pouch, or any other storage media they can imagine.

How It Works

Pawfinity uses the industry standard 2D QR barcode, which allows our ID tags to be scanned by all modern phones with the appropriate scanner installed. If a client's pet is lost, the rescuers will be able to scan the tag and pull up the free public Pet Registry profile to gain access to helpful aspects of their profile information such as the pet's name, client contact info (limited for privacy), medical issues, feeding instructions, and veterinarian contact information.

Want to see this in action? Scan the QR code in the sample image above to be taken to a sample Pawfinity Pet Registry profile, or simply follow this link. Free scanner apps are listed at the bottom of this page.

Pet ID vs Microchip

ID microchips have been around for a long time, however, they have two major drawbacks: they are painful and, more importantly, they can only be read by pet professionals with a chip scanner. If a pet happens to get lost and the person rescuing them doesn't know they are chipped, or more commonly, isn't aware of the standard procedure for having a microchip scanned, this pet's owner may never be found.

The Pawfinity Pet ID may be scanned by any QR code reader, which are available fee for all modern smart phones. A rescuer will be able to scan the ID with their phone without the need to locate pet service providers owning a scanner. The rescuer will be greeted with up to date, public Pet Registry profile information for your pet which contains basic contact info, health issues, feeding, and medication info.

Free Scanner Apps For Android and iOS

The Pawfinity Pet Registry is FREE for all pet owners. If you do not have a 2d barcode scanner, try one of these free options: