Make Retirement A Real Option with Pawfinity

Make Retirement A Real Option

You'll need to pland and forecase considerably to begin considering retirement. Pawfinity helps get you setup for this time of reward

Self-employed Retirement Probably Isn't What You Think.

Your grooming business is successful and providing an excellent living for you and your family.. but what will you be doing in 5, 10, 15 years? Pawfinity gives you the tools to slowly work yourself out of your business, allowing new management to run the show while you collect dividends from your beach chair.

The Big Sale

As pet service business owners we often get focused on the current state of the business and neglect forecasting plans for future growth and eventual retirement. With excellent financial management, the average groomer will need to work 20 years and hope to sell their successful business in order to retire comfortably. Even then, selling your business for $300,000 only provides $50,000 annual income for only 5 - 6 years... then it's back to work. We haven't even started considering taxes paid on the sale of the business. This is obviously not what you had pictured when thinking of your big sale.

Instead, Retire With A Lifetime Of Residual Income

Pawfinity offers you the opportunity to step away from the kennels and shears full time and transition into a management role, reducing your physical work load substantially by providing valuable insight into your business happenings through an interactive dashboard showing all business activities from one location, in real time.

Pet service business owner-managers can more easily make the transition into a type of retirement at any time, spending more time away from the salon until eventually promoting a seasoned leader in the business to the manager position, all the while keeping your profitable business running, earning your living for you every day. In this model, you are likely to collect your $50,000 annual paycheck well into the future.