Client Account Credit, Gift Cards for Grooming Salons, Kennels, and Pet Stores

Client Account Credit

Pawfinity removes the error-prone confusion of storing client account credit, store credits, and gift cards.

Client Account Credit

Client account credit are a convenient way to handle store credits, overcharges, and at times, refunds. Pawfinity allows you to quickly adjust client credit balances on any client profile with ease. Popup alerts ensure cashiers are notifying clients of credit on file, for the best possible client experience. These credits are easily added as a tender in the POS to allow effortless checkout and tracking.

Forward-thinking features to keep your business secure and running well:

  • Controlled access: permissions limit each employee's ability to modify account credit
  • Popup warning notifying cashiers of credit on file
  • Credits are easily accessed and applied in the POS
  • A client-specific audit trail allows management to review a specific client's credit entries
  • A credit usage report provides management with an convenient way to review all credit usage within a given period