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Dynamic Scheduling For Grooming Clients

Dynamic, flexible scheduling is the only way to grow your business.

Ok, we have something to tell you. You have gaps in your grooming schedule. We understand you didn't think this could happen to your business.. but don't worry, we've created a tool to make filling your appointment book easier than ever.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a tool that automatically keeps watch over your grooming clients, checking minute by minute for both open spaces and also any client that requested a bump up to an earlier date when one became available?

Here at Pawfinity, our sole purpose is to help your business make more money in less time. Last month in our article on Filling Your Appointment Book we talked about a few techniques to help pack your appointment book with grooming clients. Building on that concept, we have created a tool to help keep track of clients looking for earlier grooming appointments (called a "bump") and make it easy to locate empty spaces in your appointment book that need to be filled.

What is Dynamic Scheduling Using a Bump List?

The bump list (under appointments > bump list) was introduced in version 0.9.3 and provides a quick and easy way to locate grooming clients that are looking for earlier appointments while, at the same time, searching your appointment book for spaces needing to be filled. When a space is found in your appointment book that fits the needs of a grooming client's appointment, it is considered "bumpable" and presented to you as a potential reschedule option.

An Example Of The Grooming Schedule Bump List In Action

Here is a small example of how the process works. Lets say Janie Smith has an appointment in 2 weeks but has requested to be notified if an earlier appointment is available. Your grooming business has just had a cancellation, creating a space in the schedule in just 3 days. If the new space is large enough to accommodate Janie's appointment, the Pawfinity system will offer it as a potential reschedule slot and create an alert to tell you there is a bumpable appointment in your book! From there, 2 quick clicks of the mouse is all it takes to bump (reschedule) this client's appointment up to the newly opened space!

What this will do for your grooming business

As a grooming professional, you seldom have time or facilities to keep proper notes for each grooming client requesting to be notified of an earlier appointment when one becomes available. This problem only compounds as your business and your client list grows. Grooming appointment cancellation calls during a busy day of grooming happen all the time. It is easy to forget to record the newly opened slot in your appointment book, in the hustle and bustle of your busy day. As a result, when the day of the cancellation finally arrives, you may find yourself unexpectedly greeted with a huge gap in your schedule, result in lost revenue that can easily creep into the hundreds of dollars (depending on the breed or cut for the appointment).

The bump list utility within the Pawfinity system will lift the burden of trying to remember every aspect of your client's scheduling needs, allowing your business the flexibility necessary to meet your loyal grooming clients needs with truly dynamic scheduling options. As always, this upgrade is free of charge and available to every grooming business using Pawfinity.